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We are back this week with a new blog post, Spaces and Places With Primi. This will be a new series / segment on the blog as an extension of the travel category. This is where I’ll be giving you reviews and fun information on different “places and spaces” I’ll be visiting over time.

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I’ve had the honor of eating out on a few occasions with friends and Primi seems to come up a lot as an option, one that in most cases we’ve gone with. This time around we went out to have lunch there after a long afternoon of location scouting and trying to get some content in.

The location

Located in CBD Gaborone, Primi is situated at a central position of the city making it easily accessible from and to most places for anyone looking for a short break from everyday life all the while giving you some down time with good food. In addition to this, it’s location provides good access to main roads as well as transportation services be it public or private (taxi or cab). Another plus is that if you are staying at any of the hotels or apartments located in the area, you have a variety of restaurants and food places to choose from including Primi.

The Service

In my opinion, the service is pretty good. The waiters and waitresses are always super nice and are willing to make recommendations as well as help you pick out what to eat/drink on the menu whenever you can’t make a choice. Another plus is I’ve never really experienced any kind of errors or mistakes being made with our orders even on busy days. From my experience the service has been smooth sailings so far.

The Inside

I tend to feel like one can’t quite describe the feel or vibe around the place as it does have a mixture of a few things you wouldn’t normally merge together. I guess in a way it’s the kind of place that would speak to you differently depending on the perspective you hold. “Eye of the beholder” type beat …

Would personally describe it as more of a big city restaurant that’s mostly youth based with a touch of a bar/pub type of feel with the brown wooden chairs & tables as well as the whole exposed ceiling plan thing they have going on. I definitely don’t think it’s a place you’d take your grandparents to but otherwise it’s a pretty good place for just about any occasion really.

From the entrance you have a check in point; this is where you’ll deal with all things COVID protocols and meet the waiter or waitress that will help you find your way to a table of your choice and help you out for the rest of your time there. To the left you’ll have what I always assume is a mini waiting area and to the left is the outdoor seating area. There’s a telly both inside and outside for the sports goons. As you proceed into the inside of the restaurant you’re met by a sea of brown wooden chairs and tables nicely ordered around the place as well as a bar to the left of the restaurant as you proceed further into the restaurant. There’s even a little area that’s separate from the eating area where you can see a few chefs working their magic just before the kitchen area (which is of course closed off and separate from the rest of the world).

My favorite part is when you look up.

The ceiling design is by far my favorite part. With the exposed vents and railings as well as the low hanging lights. My type of aesthetic and when night time hits: MAGICAL is the word!

Our Order

Pasta was on the menu paired with mock tails to match the afternoon feel.
Their menu does offer some variety when it comes to the food and drinks menu and the pricing really depends on what you’re going for; ranging from fair to somewhat pricey so that’s a factor to keep in mind in my opinion. That aside with the options available I’m pretty confident that whatever the occasion is, chances are you’ll have a meal to match.

Overall Feels

All in all it was a pretty cool afternoon filled with good conversations and food. The atmosphere was a lot calmer due to the fact that we went on a weekday afternoon so it was nice to unwind and not have to worry about mixing with a lot of people especially during the time we live in. Definitely recommend Primi if you’re looking for a day or night out with friends, a date, a casual business meeting spot or even a solo date spot.

Be sure to check out Primi here.

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