Mythos Greek Restaurant Rosebank

Location: Mythos Greek Restaurant Rosebank
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Located in Rosebank Mall, this lovely greek restaurant sets the tone for an easy breezy island summer vacation. Umbrellas up , cute table settings and decor , outdoor with a lovely breeze all through out, sun shinning through the tree branches and such awesome staff.

The menu carries much variety from the food, to the drinks & desserts: catering for pretty much anyone & everyone. It’s also a great place for Instagramable snips and snaps for all the foodies that love to have memories stored in a place other than their tum tums. It’s perfect for any occasion.

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In addition, it has a great aesthetic and is absolutely peaceful. I love going into a restaurant even if it’s for a drink and immediately feeling like “oh I’m going to enjoy this”. The location of the restaurant offers much convenience as well. It is a the heart of the mall, near all transport links and if you’re staying at the Vantage, you already know where to go for all your yum yum needs.

I definitely recommend that you make a stop at Mythos; be it for a small drink or to feed your greek style food cravings. Don’t forget to snap a couple of shots for keepsakes , its absolutely lovely.

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All my love!

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