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I’m back with another blog post and this week I’ll be sharing my skin care routine using the body shop products. I’ve received a few questions and compliments in the past and because I am finally back on the blog, I figured why not? 

Firstly I’d like to add a few fun facts/points

  • I am not a skin care specialist and most of what I mention here will be and is based on my own personal experience and what works for me. 
  • The body shop actually has a system that can help you pick out the right products for you skin based on your skin and what it may need. So you simply let them know what’s up and they’ll direct you to a variety of products you can choose from. I’d also like to add that I did not know this at first lol.
  • I usually only ever have a few minor breakouts during that time of the month so on a regular basis my skin care routine is just to maintain my skin health and the routine itself is pretty simple so that’s also a factor to consider when looking to build a routine. 
  • Less is more . 
  • Base your routine on your skin care needs not what the next person uses . I’ve made that mistake before and it did not end well. Do your research, pay attention to your skin over a period of time before starting or changing a routine and make sure that you’re also incorporating the right diet and exercise. Change your pillow cases and for those that may need a little extra help please consult a dermatologist. DRINK YOUR WATER and ease up on the sugar. 
  • Lastly love your skin. No products or diets will work if your mind isn’t in tune. You need to love and accept your skin in order to fully care for it and see results. It all starts with mindset baby!

Okay now let’s get into it.

Mini background on my skin and routine:

So like I said before , I don’t usually do much with my skin because I’ve never had to. In fact before I even knew that there was such a thing as a skin care routine I pretty much went on about my days using normal body soap and lotion until I noticed a friend of mine doing her routine and I was intrigued. So I jumped into it before actually understanding what was going on. BIG MISTAKE! I started breaking out and even though it wasn’t as extreme it was pretty bad for someone who has never really experienced anything like that. I became conscious and insecure and that set off a chain reaction of many other big mistakes. 

Without doing the appropriate research and actually taking time to learn my skin I started jumping from product to product and well let’s just say that didn’t work out too well. I went from Ponds to Himalaya Products which worked to some extent but often left my skin feeling dried out and eventually a little irritated due to feeling so dry. Eventually I stopped and later realized that my skin had become combination skin = oily on some parts and super dry on some. Not much but not nice either especially when the breakouts started. Fortunately, mom came to the rescue and suggested the body shop products and with what I already knew about my skin based on research and observation they were able to recommend products for me to use. Let’s get into those below. 

Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash

“With mineral rich seaweed from roaring water bay, Ireland.”

I’ve only ever used a few other face washes prior to this one so I can’t necessarily give much information in terms of comparison. However, I’m loving this one the most so far. Smells amazing, it’s super light, does not irritate or dry out my skin and so far my skin has been responding well. I simply add a bit of gel to my finger tips and gently massage it on my face for about 60 seconds then end it off with a mild cold rinse and air dry. This has helped my skin recover so far and I can’t really add any complaints although the gel seems to have a dash of mint so that does catch me by surprise sometimes. (If you know you know).

Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner

*Note: all products mentioned are part of the seaweed range and were recommended for joint use to create a simple but effective routine.

The toner just like the gel wash does contain a hint of mint so that can be a bit heavy on the eyes especially if you’re someone that is sensitive to certain ingredients so be sure to request something a little less strong if you are this person. That aside, I’m loving the toner. Does the job and my skin doesn’t suffer any form of irritation or dryness from it. In fact it’s quite the opposite. 10/10 recommend.

Seaweed Oil Control Lotion

With SPF 15 PA*. “Facial moisturizer that helps defend against UVA/UVB and mattifies & controls excess sebum and shine on Tzone.”

Totally speaks for itself and I tell you no lies. It’s super light on the skin but won’t leave you looking any type of ashy. A fairly pleasant smell and I don’t get the same mint feel that I get with the other products so that’s another plus.Plus no need for any extra sunscreen on your face, yaaay!

You need it for everywhere else tho so don’t try any funny stuff love!

And just like that we’ve come to the end of today’s post. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

Stay tuned for my next adventure.

All my love!

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