Fashion Forecast 2020-21

Let’s check out the fashion forecast for the year 2020-21 shall we?

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• How’s The Weather Looking In The Fashion Scene?
• What’s In, What’s Out?
• What Are We Rocking Throughout The New Decade?

Blazer Looks

Whether it’s a blazer dress, a simple tshirt & Jean’s, some flare pants or a flattering slip dress; blazers don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Two piece sets

They come in skorts, shorts, formal, casual, pink, red , blue , white. This style does not seem to be dying out anytime soon and the bonus is this look/style fits each and every season. Whether its sunny, windy, rainy , cold, breezy; switch it up with a pair of cute mules, boots, sandals, pumps or heels, accessorise and you’ll be good to go.


The One & Only Staple Piece. Passed down through generations & somehow becoming more and more popular, be it with the young fashion lovers or the glammas & glampas. Denim can not be excluded from the fashion forecast of the new decade. I mean, IT’S DENIM DARLING! Pair it up with a rad graphic tee, or a turtle neck and blazer look, you’re sure to turn heads throughout the seasons. Queen Bee who? Yes, You!


All the pleats! According to Cosmopolitan, pleats are the in thing & I mean who can disagree? From your dresses to your skirts & your shirts, pleats have made a wave in the fashion scene recently during fashion week. With your big time fashion bloggers & celebrities rocking them, why waste any more time? *Adds To Cart*

Slip Dresses

I’m not big on trends since I truly feel that fashion isn’t or atleast shouldn’t be treated like a trend but this right here is my fave! I love the whole concept of slip dresses. Why? Because of how versatile they are. Switched to suit, you can literally wear a slip dress anytime, anywhere, any season & still look like a Fine Tenderoni. Lol!

Mules & Mid Heels

Correct me if I’m wrong but 2018/2019 was the start of something when it came to mules & mid heels. I mean these babies had me wanting to get every single pair, in every single colour I could but my bank account isn’t set up like that lol. In my opinion these are the most flexible shoes in terms of styling and pairing, no matter the style or colour. Definitely a worthy investment.

Pastels & Monochrome

Give me monochrome & pastels. Need I say more? Let the colours do the talking.

Mini bags & Shoulder Bags

As seen from the big release of The Chiquitto from Jacquemus; Mini bags made one of the biggest waves in the fashion & accessory scene. From literally everyone rushing to add one to their closet to retailers swooping in to mimic the designs with their own touch. Even Baby Stormi had one of her own. Then we move onto the vintage shoulder bags. Prada, Asos, you name it. The ultimate fashion accessory for fashion bloggers & content creators. We’ve seen it on the likes of Natasha Ndlovu , Flamcis & Fashion is my Forte.

The Iconic White Shirt

You may be looking at this and wondering “what in Miss Jay? A white shirt?” Don’t worry ’bout it sweetheart, I got your back. Yes A wHiTe sHiRt. This flexible piece can take a 5/10 look and take it all the way to a perfect 10/10. A pair of Jean’s with sneakers or mid heels laced with a gold necklace and little hoops: a perfect 10 for you summer outfit. Paired with slightly loose formal pants, a pair of mules, pumps or heels and a blazer and you’ve got yourself a chic office look. Come rain, goodbye sunshine; a turtle neck and bottoms of your choice, a nice warm coat with a wrist watch and neck piece + some boots and you’ve gone through the breezy cold days in style.


Corsets have made an official comeback but with a twist. As seen in the 1950s, corsets were an essential piece for women. Worn in a combination with bras, girdles or panties, these seemed to be popular at the time. Now in the present day, this essential piece has made a comeback & it’s more stylish that ever.


Who said coats were just a basic closet piece for “those days”? No no no! Coats have been in and have never really left the scene. Infact , with each season these grow more popular, versatile & stylish. From your statement trench coats to your coat dresses, this particular item doesn’t seem to be dying out or getting chucked into the back of the closet anytime soon.

Sleepwear or Fashion Statement

This trend will have you asking yourself if your pyjamas are simply just that or more of a “switch to suit” closet essential. With the ability to be styled & paired in many ways, you might want to rethink those lazy days at home watching Netflix. Go out there & strut!

With that said ladies & gentlemen, whether you’re going out with the girls, having a day out in the city, attending fashion shows or simply going to the office these may be the trends you want to look into. Summer time, winter time, spring or autumn. All year round these have got you covered.

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Stay tuned for my next adventure.

All my love!

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