Denim and Fashion With The Denim Loft

– Puisano Sane. (January 2019.)

We all have that one statement piece hanging in our closet. We view it as a part of who we are, that one piece that takes our style to another level. For 21 year old Puisano Tlhalefo Sane, denim is that one statement piece. Hailing from Serowe the young stylist gives us an insight on all things style. Let’s talk denim and fashion with The Denim Loft Bw.


Behind every brand is a story so it was only right to seek the behind the scenes 411 and this is what the stylista had to say:

Puisano: A little story about the coming up of the Denim Loft BW. My wardrobe has always been cluttered with denim, mostly jackets. I always had more denim pieces than any other material in my wardrobe: “A Self-Proclaimed Denim King”. As time went on I outgrew some of the amazing pieces I treasured. I wanted to declutter my wardrobe & in what better way than donating & selling? I came home with 2 boxes one evening & labelled them “To Sell” And “To Donate”. The “To Sell” box had mostly denim pieces I had bought/thrifted but never wore.

How The Loft Came About

“I posted some of the pieces on my Instagram “Shop My Wardrobe” & the response from my followers left me in great awe. They showed interest in purchasing presumably because my pieces were unique & hard to find. The following day I went to school with some of the pieces for “My Clients” to See, fit & purchase. I came back home with nothing but a couple of hundred pula’s which gave me motivation & I went on posting some more & yet again the response was great. In 2 weeks time the box was emptied out & I had people asking me, “When Is More Coming?”.

Just like that The Denim Loft Bw was born.

Puisano: On The 1st Of October I Launched THE DENIM LOFT BW. The Denim Loft Is An Online Denim Thrift Store. We Strive To Provide Timeless Pieces, That Will Remain Relevant And Stylish All Year Around.

Puisano: It took me quite sometime to come up with the name. I placed my first stock order from Germany using personal savings & the money I made from selling my personal pieces. From there I started the official instagram page & posted pictures from the “Shop My Wardrobe” sales & it was well noticed. Being a very organized individual, I wanted my business to be well organized & I wanted it to look premeditated.

Why Denim?

Puisano: Denim is the past, the present & definitely the future,it’s Timeless. It never runs out of style. If there’s something I fantasize more about denim is the fundamental fact that it can connect us to so many fashion eras within the blink of an eye. Today, you’ll find someone wearing a pair of Levis mom jeans that were popular back in the 80’s. Furthermore, denim remains amongst the countable trends that we share with the “rich & famous” unlike the miscellaneous trends that come & go, fast fashion. With The Denim Loft BW I’m not aiming at being the trend of the month, I’m aiming at selling relevant pieces that remain useful all year round. I personally believe fashion is about sustainability & relevance.

To add onto his impeccable style, Puisano is currently studying Economics & Political Science at the University Of Botswana whilst pursuing a business course on the side. A shining example of “you can have it all”.

Ever heard of a jack of all trades? Well look up Puisano Sane. Apart from being a student, entrepreneur & stylist, he is currently working as a digital marketing manager for a couple of brands. Surprisingly, it was never an option in the beginning but now being in the position; it’s a whole new world.

In terms of fashion houses, brands or style icons, who takes the cup for you?

Puisano: In terms of denim, Levis takes the cup for me. In general terms it would be Rihanna. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and the likes make the cut but Rihanna tops the list. Her style & her general work ethic really do it for me.

Do you plan on taking your styling work to international levels?

Puisano: I would absolutely love to take my styling work to international heights but I want people to know the name & the work before the face. To let my work speak for me. People would only see the face behind the brand by chance, dripping and draping lol.

“Private, Smart Working & Thriving Honey” – How he would describe himself in three simple words.

If you could describe your style in 3 words, what would it be?

Puisano: Timeless, Aesthetic & Quality.

“I prefer to work in silence so in terms of what I have for 2020, well you just sit back, relax & wait on me.”

How did you discover your passion for fashion & unique style?

Puisano: It started from a young age when my mom gave me the freedom to pick out my own outfits. I’d ask her looking at my baby pictures why she’d dress me up the way she did and she’d say I picked out the outfits. Now looking at my style I see it. Nothing has changed.

Styled By: Puisano Sane

What do you think about the fashion scene in Botswana?

Puisano: I think we are improving and evolving. We got to see some of our creatives at Afropunk (2019 & 2018) representing us. To top it off, some of their looks made it on British Vogue, Glamour & Drum Magazine to name a few. It will take some time but we will get there eventually providing that we have me, lol.

Alright dudes & dudettes, thank you for tuning in for this week’s read. Be sure to check out The Denim Loft Bw on all their social media platforms & add your own statement piece to your closet.

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All my love!

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