A Moment With Bulgari Omnia

A Moment With Bulgari Omnia ….

Welcome back to the blog!
We’ve been gone for a while and it’s been quite a journey trying to figure out what I’d like to put out on here and what flows more with my creative side because honestly it all starts with the person behind the work. All that aside we are back and hopefully for good this time. I hope we’ve all been good and trying our best to hold on during these trying times. Sending you all lots of virtual hugs and prayers!

Alright, all that good stuff to the side this week’s blog post as seen in said title is dedicated to my current favorite fragrance by Bulgari. I was gifted the a set by my totally awesome parents for Christmas and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The Set Consisted Of:

  1. The Omnia Fragrance

2. Lotion

3. Shower Gel

I’d Just like to add that all 3 smell divine. I’m a big fragrance enthusiast (if there is such a thing) – something I get from my mom I’ve noticed so I usually take into account details and pay a lot of attention to the scents I go for.

This is the kind of fragrance you save for super special occasions so you’re sure it’ll last you a while as well. I’d definitely wear this one on a few occasions and being one with an overly active imagination I’d say I see myself wearing this scent to an art gallery showcase or fashion week as my signature for each outfit, brunch with the girls maybe or maybe a first date, a special ceremony or during one of those days where things seem a little gloomy and I need a pick me up…. Start off with the shower gel, some sweet sounds in the background to set the mood, fresh out of the shower and you kick it up a notch with the lotion and to seal the deal: pick your most banging outfit and seal it with the fragrance.

Definitely look forward to adding more scents by Bulgari to my collection in future and you should too whenever you’re looking for a small spoil for yourself or a friend/family member.

Stay tuned for my next adventure.

All My Love!

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